Your transportation needs can be handled by Navs Van Removal’s man with a van service. You will be given a dedicated removal coordinator when you work with Navs Van Removals to make sure your man and van service runs as smoothly as possible. Of course, utilizing Navs Van Removals eliminates the need to DIY or risk harming your belongings by renting a van from a low-cost rental company.

 You will get immediate man and van quotes, and an expert in the field to supervise the project from beginning to end with Navs Van Removals. Whatever you require from Navs Van, you can be confident that you will receive the best service at a price that is reasonable. We frequently help customers save money by making use of the extra space in our vans while they go along their regular routes.

 The man and van services offered by Navs Van Removal cover the entire continent. Today, our knowledgeable transport partners are prepared to assist you with your transit requirements.

 The price of a man and van is determined by the kind and amount of things, the distance traveled, the number of stairs, the size of the van, the number of men, the time and date, as well as the distance and stairs. Get in contact with Navs Van Removals immediately to receive a quick and accurate quote for any Man and Van service!

The Many Benefits of Hiring a Low-Cost Man with a Van

Although you may not have thought about hiring a man with a van before, there are numerous benefits to doing business with a local independent contractor who may offer the service you require at a price that is quite competitive. It is common knowledge that the majority of individuals find moving to be one of the most stressful life events.

What Advantages Can You Get from Hiring a Cheap Man with a Van?

Many people frequently wait until the last minute to arrange for packing supplies and a moving company. Utilizing a skilled and approachable local staff that is available quickly can relieve a lot of the stress at a trying time. Cheap “guy with a van” teams can frequently provide more flexibility than big businesses and even provide a variety of additional services. These could consist of:


 Possible additional charges include packing services. It is preferable to pack your personal belongings if you wish to relocate on a budget. However, hiring a self-employed person allows

you to save crucial time and is unquestionably more affordable than taking several days off from work.

Not Limited to Home Moves

Local businesses offer a variety of vehicles, from tiny transit vans suited for small removal or collection services to large lorries with tail lifts excellent for major house moves, depending on the size of the project. Together with the man in the van, try to estimate the size of the removal van accurately because a smaller van will cost less. Please visit our removal vans page for further details on the types of vehicles used by independent “guy with a van” businesses.

Pickup and Delivery

A low-cost individual with a van can practically save the day in numerous circumstances. You might need to get rid of your old three-piece suite if you recently treated yourself to a new one. No worries; your helpful neighbor will set up a collection at your leisure without delay.

Security and Logistics

Perhaps you recently purchased a new fridge or washer? You can avoid doing the challenging loading and unloading yourself by using a man with a van instead of renting a van and driving it yourself. Pay someone a very affordable hourly cost to do it for you instead of straining your back.

Advice for locating the perfect man in a van on a budget:

Read our crucial advice if you’ve never hired a man with a van before to make sure you get the service you require at a price that works for you.

First, the quotation

Ask if the price is fixed, and be sure it won’t go up once the house has been moved. Make sure there are no hidden charges, such as those for waiting hours or even gas. After the expense of a house move, you don’t want any additional expenses to arise. In keeping with this, it’s crucial to find out if the price is per hour or for the complete job.

Traffic jams or having to wait for the keys to your new house may have a significant impact on the cost of moving your belongings if the charge is per hour. The secret to a successful and affordable guy with a van relocation is being very clear about what the service includes in advance.


For instance, if you need to move a big house, you can save money by recruiting help from family and friends. Ask him how many people are on his crew and whether you are welcome to help load and unload the vehicle.

Ask the man with the van if he anticipates needing to make more than one journey if you are hiring him for a house relocation. The more trips and time it takes, the more it’ll likely cost.

Pick a wise moving date.

Weekends and bank holidays typically have higher moving costs. Do you want an affordable move? On a weekday, schedule your move.

Getting to know your inexpensive man with a van: some helpful advice

Finding out if he must submit a pre-move survey is a smart idea.

This is a telltale indicator of a competent, seasoned, and reasonably priced man with a vehicle. Before the move, someone will come to your house to do a pre-move survey to determine the quantity and weight of your belongings. He must know this in order to determine the size and type of van needed for the work and whether additional labor is likely to be necessary. A pre-move survey increases the likelihood that the move will proceed effectively and without a hitch.

The ideal vehicle size for your move

A preliminary survey will also help you feel more secure that the man with the van is knowledgeable about his field because you’ll need to be sure the vehicle is big enough to handle the items in question. A vehicle that is overloaded puts the lives of other drivers at danger and may potentially result in a VOSA stop. Additionally, make sure the van is not rattling or rusted and that everything is in good operating order.

Finally, learn everything you can about the squad.

Obtain referrals from relatives and friends. A good place to find the most recent details about any local man-with-a-van activity is a local Facebook community group. Read internet reviews to see whether they will help you save money by giving you accurate information about their prices. Don’t be hesitant to ask about their past and credentials. A smart suggestion is to confirm the validity of their insurance.

The easiest way to cut costs is to get a cheap man with a vehicle.

The best approach that can save money on shifting day is to hire a low-cost man with a van. To allow you to unwind and enjoy your move to your new home, a competent local provider will have the knowledge and expertise to stack your items safely and effectively. Finding the best man with a van for you is as simple as using our free, no-obligation estimate service. Finding your cheap man with a van is easiest and most economical when you contact multiple companies at once so you can evaluate their costs and services right once.


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