Even though using a professional van removal company to assist with relocation may have many benefits, consumers will always be worried about van removal prices. Sadly, even if you are still feeling the pinch from spending thousands on your new property, removers do not offer their services for free.

Having said that, it is crucial to thoroughly consider what you are getting for your money. For one, whether you are moving across town, across the nation, or even across the globe, professional van removal companies are very skilled in packing and transporting goods as safely as possible.

Second, skilled van removals can offer all the cars, equipment, and supplies required to guarantee that your relocation runs as smoothly as possible. You might be able to borrow a car from a friend for the day, but a van removal business can offer vans or lorries that are both generously proportioned and adequately insured (a cost that many fail to consider when renting moving vans of their own).

A van removal can also assist you in organizing your relocation day. This kind of guidance can be quite helpful if you have never had to plan a move before. For example, did you remember to let your bank and utility companies know about your new address? Do you know what time of day or what day of the week will be best for your move? Do you have to reserve overnight storage for your possessions? Your chosen applicant should be able to make sure that nothing is overlooked as long as they have experience.

Despite this, it is still worthwhile to take a few measures to acquire the greatest deal. When it comes to removers, there will always be good and bad options, as is the case with most tradespeople. For instance, national chains frequently have larger overheads, thus they will charge more than local businesses. Other movers can have negative feedback from previous clients or perhaps insufficient insurance to transport your stuff.

In general, it is recommended to obtain at least five quotes from several removal companies before making a choice. This will give you a precise notion of what a fair quote in your neighborhood is. Try not to place too much reliance on internet price comparisons because they frequently use averages from across the country rather than local data. For instance, removal companies in the south, especially in London, are frequently substantially more expensive than those in other regions.


A number of distinct variables will often affect how much it will cost to hire a moving company:

How far are you traveling?

Your movers might need to think about overnight accommodations, storage, or additional insurance if you have to travel for a long period of time. You might be charged by the distance traveled or an hourly rate, depending on the removal firm.

Where are you going and coming from?

The cost of van removal might vary greatly depending on where you are, particularly when you compare pricing in London and the south of England. Obtaining quotations from companies located close to your destination may even be worthwhile in the event that they can provide you with a lower price

Is it a global relocation?

If so, your movers might have to take into account air or sea travel as well as different customs-related laws and restrictions. We can serve you in getting an overseas relocating quote.

How much personal property are you bringing?

To determine the size of the van they should provide for your relocation, the majority of removal companies will need to calculate the cubic footage of your belongings. They will use this information to determine the packing supplies they must provide, though you can always obtain free moving boxes if necessary.

Do you own any specialty items?

This can apply to anything that is especially hefty, delicate, oddly formed, or priceless. Your removers may require additional insurance or maybe specialized equipment to handle these with extra care depending on this. Keep in mind that there won’t be much point unless your candidate’s insurance can cover the worth of your possessions!

How easily is your house accessible?

How about the final location? Moving could take significantly longer if there is difficult vehicle access, a lot of stairs, or other uncomfortable aspects. Watch out for moving firms who request to visit and evaluate your property before providing you with an estimate, since this will demonstrate their expertise.

Will you require the assistance of more tradespeople?

You might require the assistance of an (insured) handyman if you need to take apart and reassemble furniture, remove doors or windows, or do other tasks. If you let the removal company know in advance, they can usually offer this or at the very least propose a highly qualified candidate for you. Be cautious in research prices because some businesses might charge more for in-house handyman services than you would have to employ an outside contractor.

Fair pricing for your moving day absolutely requires that you be aware of this information in advance. You will typically suffer a variety of extra fees if your plans need to be adjusted at the last minute, or you might have to postpone your move entirely.

Removal Assistance:

Removal firms provide a range of services, so be careful to confirm the price with the assessor if you want them to do something other than just move your stuff. You may want to take into account a variety of extra fees.


Depending on your demands, Navs Van Removals might provide a variety of packing and unpacking services for an additional fee. These consist of:

  • Packing supplies: Verify whether any packing supplies are included in the price of your packing service, or, if you’re packing yourself, ask how much it would cost you to buy them from the removal company.
  • Packing service – Navs Van Removals will pack your goods for you if you don’t want to.
  • Unpacking service – A lot of moving firms arrange furniture and boxes in the rooms you specify. Unpacking boxes, on the other hand, is typically not covered by the quotation and will be billed as an extra service. The majority of businesses merely unpack onto flat surfaces and do not store products in cabinets.
  • Crating – It’s a good idea to let the moving company know if you have delicate antiques or technological devices that are missing their original wrapping. On occasion, moving objects in a specifically designed wooden container may be safer. Verify that these are mentioned in your quote by doing so.

Customized Services

Moving companies frequently need to employ specialized tools or possess additional abilities, which raises the cost of the relocation. As an illustration:

  • Packing for fragile things – If you have delicate objects, such as pianos, fine artworks, or antiques, you might need to pay an additional handling fee.
  • Check with your moving firm to see if there will be an additional fee for any flat-pack products that need to be disassembled or reassembled. Also, make sure you know if these goods need to be taken apart and put back together before and after your relocation.
  • Moving Tools – If you have any goods that need to be raised or lifted safely, such as any sizable objects that can only be moved through an upper floor window, you will need a hoist, tail lift, or cherry picker lift.

Auxiliary Services

These are services that the client has asked to be provided as part of their move but which are not carried out by the removal team. Unplugging washing machines, turning off your dishwasher, removing curtain rods, and lifting carpets are all examples of third-party services.


  • The front doors of both your current home and your new home must be accessible for the moving company’s vehicles. The following things should be taken into account since they could increase the cost of moving:
  • Right of entry – The size of the vehicle required will depend on the number of narrow highways or low bridges on the approach to your property. For instance, if access is limited, a shuttle vehicle would be needed.
  • Without a lift, a first-floor house will typically require more labor.
  • Parking restrictions: Since parking permits are typically not included in quotes, most removal firms will expect you to make arrangements for them on the day of the move. It makes sense to talk to the moving company in advance of your relocation date about any parking limitations.
  • Check with your van removal provider to see if the van removal prices of ferries or toll roads are included in your estimate.

Cancellations and Late Key Fees

It is important to take into account the following factors since you might not be able to access your new home at the scheduled completion date due to unforeseen circumstances:

  • Late key fees – You can be charged if your moving company is required to wait a lengthy time to begin unpacking after arriving at the new home. In case things don’t go according to plan, the majority of moving firms include what is known as a “late key waiver.” This will give you peace of mind.
  • Check the cancellation terms of your removal company carefully. Before you can reserve your move date, many removal firms will want you to provide a deposit equal to a fraction of the cost of the removals. It makes sense to review the terms and conditions of your quote to determine whether changing your confirmed date at the last minute could result in you losing some or all of your deposit.

Storage solutions

  • You must make sure that your valuables are kept safe and secure if you won’t be moving into your property right away. Many moving firms offer their own storage services and facilities for short-term storage while in transit, which can be figured into your quote’s price. Some moving firms can also carry your belongings to the storage facility of your choice or recommend a nearby, secure self-storage facility.

Transport Insurance

  • It is a good idea to check with your home insurance provider to see if you are insured for any property being relocated by a removal company while you are moving house. Transit insurance, which typically costs £40 per item regardless of the original value, only covers your products while they are being transported. On the basis of a portion of the value of the objects being transported, some moving firms may provide you with a greater level of removals insurance coverage. There will be an extra charge for this.
  • Ask your moving company if their removals insurance covers you if you are doing your own packing. It can increase the overall cost of removals because many insurance providers will not cover loss or damage if you have packed your own belongings.


1. Is moving on your own less expensive than hiring van removals? 

Although hiring movers is more expensive, using a man and van service ultimately pays off. When you move house on your own, you run the danger of having to pay for any damage that is done to your possessions even if you have insurance on every item you own. Repairing damaged appliances, furniture, or even fine art as a result of carelessness frequently costs far more than hiring a professional moving company.

2. How much is the van removal prices?

All you have to do is get in touch with us through one of the readily available channels for doing so. Through the website’s quick chat feature, you can ask for a price. Go directly to the booking form on the website to make an instant reservation for a spot in our program