Thinking of moving? It’s not just you. It will be lifted off your shoulders by a local man with a van. A man with a van can aid you with any assistance you require along the journey, whether it be a little trip across several streets or a move to a different county.

Man with a Van Near Me

Within the next 12 months, one in four Britons will move. If you are one of them, you are undoubtedly preoccupied with exploring your alternatives. Utilizing a local “man with a van” service, in which the driver loads and unloads the van for you, can occasionally be the best course of action for reducing the stress associated with relocating.

The Best Man with a Van Service to Use

It might be a one-man show, a family-run delivery service, or the neighborhood branch of a very sizable moving firm. A Luton vehicle with a high ceiling and plenty of room for you to store, move, and transfer your belongings is typically included in the “man & van” service. Smaller vans with drivers who are ready to travel back and forth between properties are also available.


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How do you choose a man and van company when there are so many options available? You need to submit a quote request to get six quotes that you may compare. The best part is that it’s a free, no-obligation service, so feel free to look through the 6 quotations that are shown side by side to find the ideal fit.

What Will a Man with a Van Cost Near Me?

In the UK, the average cost of moving is close to £9,000, primarily due to agent fees. The removal service alone will set you back three figures. A man and van service is your best option if you want to keep it to a minimum.

Services For Moving Included

A man and a van service is not only the most affordable choice—instead of renting a van and doing it yourself—but it also typically includes furniture padding, straps, removal blankets, and lifting tools. Even some vans have a tail lift for large items.

How Much Does a Man with a Van Near Me Cost?

Local removals frequently bill by the hour rather than the volume of your belongings, but there is typically a 2-hour minimum payment. On occasion, they’ll give you a fixed price. However, man & van costs typically depend on:

  • Hourly rate and number of men
  • The division between properties
  • The number of boxes, small objects (appliances, bicycles, etc.), and furniture
  • Vehicle type, toll costs, and other fees (such as the congestion tax)
  • Area (international removals and urban moves are more expensive);
  • Added services (disassembly, packaging, reassembly, etc.).

Why Employ a Local Man with a Van?

A seasoned expert will aid you however much or little you require, lending a hand with your removal without pressuring you.

  1. Fair price

This kind of expert removal service is not only the most affordable one accessible, but it is also incredibly adaptable. You can typically make arrangements on the spot if you discover that you require more assistance with the packing, disassembly, and unpacking that day.

2. Comprehensive 

A man with a van may help with packing and moving services for homes and businesses, as well as garbage pickup and delivery, moving large musical instruments, waste disposal, and even storage.

  1. Mental calm

A skilled man with a van has insurance for your possessions and for any accidents you could have on the road. Additionally, a professional is prompt, effective, and skilled at safeguarding your possessions. Additionally, you won’t have to do anything if you hire a complete crew.

  1. No additional fees

The DIY approach may appear more cost-effective if friends and family handle all the lifting and moving. But after you factor in the price of gas, the security deposit, plus the possibility of damaging a hired van, you’ll quickly realize it’s better to leave it to the pros who are accustomed to operating a van.

  1. Simplicity

Booking is fairly simple, and there’s no need for them to come to your house to see whether the quotation was accurate because you can generally address any concerns directly with the “guy” before the move day.

The Cost of a Man with a Van Near Me: Some Practical Advice

Consider using the following advice to reduce costs:

  • To get a deal, schedule your man and van service for the middle of the week, during off-peak hours.
  • Reduce the number of boxes (ideally to a round number) by using larger boxes and more durable yet compact wrapping material.
  • Spread out your packing over a few days and get cheaper packing supplies online with free delivery to avoid buying supplies at the last minute.
  • If you’re doing all the packaging by yourself, make an investment in a high-quality tape dispenser gun and multiple refills.
How Can I Locate a Man with a Van Close to Me?

You might discover that the only trustworthy tradesmen recommendations you have available to you are through word-of-mouth, aside from listings in your neighborhood Yell directory, ads in your neighborhood newsagent, or neighborhood social networks.

Fortunately, on a platform like ours, it’s really simple to identify a trustworthy driver who operates locally. Simply fill out our online form with the information about the project you had in mind, and we’ll match it up with the man & van service providers in our database. The free no-obligation quotes will then be shown to you or sent to you.

I’ve Found a Man Nearby Who Has a Man. After That?

Before employing the man with a van service, we advise that you check out their profile page after browsing our quotes and selecting the best match. View the company’s feedback area to learn what past clients had to say about it. If there are any, look up reviews on review websites.

Please feel free to contact the business if you require additional assurance after you’ve agreed on pricing. It’s crucial to enquire about the company’s tools, certifications, insurance, and prior experience.

Avoid scammers

Remarkably commonly, persons will be charged for a removal service, not show up at the address, and then refuse to refund the full amount of the deposit. Painfully often, businesses will give you a quote on their website but a completely different one when you call or speak to them in person.

Getting the Best Man with a Van Near Me: Some Tips

  • Here are some precautions to take if you have any concerns regarding their veracity and dependability
  • Visit their reliable website.

Check their website’s URL in your browser’s top search field. Is the address HTTPS? The “s” in “HTTPS” stands for “secure,” which denotes that all data you send to and receive from the website is encrypted to ensure the security of your communications.

  • Review their ratings.

Check out their reviews on our platform, TrustPilot, SiteJabber, Feefo, and any other reliable review site. Aside from that, look at Google reviews and cached copies of review pages.

  • Review the terms of the contract.

Review the terms and conditions. If they delay any amount of the payment to cover their “processing charges,” do they state that refunds are given fairly?

  • How do they interact?

If you’ve already made a purchase, check the confirmation email to determine if it was written with professionalism. If there are links, they should be brief and display the same URL text in your browser status bar when you mouse over them (usually at the bottom).

  • Compare prices to identify the best deal.

Alternatively, search for a man and van services on Navs Removals. We only present accurate quotations from a dependable guy with van service providers, and our list of quotes is completely impartial. With our free, no-obligation quotations, you can find the ideal provider to meet your removal needs.

  1. What exactly do a man and a van do?

Items are frequently moved from A to B by a man and van service. This might occur when you move house or when a garbage removal agency collects your trash to be taken to a disposal facility. Local Man with a Van service is frequently more affordable and capable of taking on projects with less notice than major moving corporations. Local man and van services frequently consist of one or two individuals and a single van that provides the service in their region. Larger moving businesses typically have a large fleet of vans and trucks, sometimes even for national companies.

  1. Where can I locate a van-driving dude nearby?

The easiest place to start, besides asking your friends, is to search for “Man with a Van” plus the name of your city or borough (for instance, “Man with a Van London” or “Man with a Van Fulham”). As an alternative, you may use your eyes, check the local newsstand’s window, or visit the website There are literally thousands of men driving vans, so if you come across one that you think is attractive, write down their phone number and give them a call. This final approach has the benefit of immediately locating a man in a van who is based close to you, making him or her one of the most cost-effective options since they have less distance to drive.

  1. What is the price of a Man with a Van?

What your Man with a Van will perform will depend entirely on your needs. Most businesses charge by the hour for simple moves from point A to point B, however, they may charge more for larger distances. However, be sure to specify whether the clock begins when they enter your property or when they depart from their home or depot. If possible, pay them from the time they arrive until they go so that there is no question as to how long they have worked. Agreeing on a fixed charge is another option, though this requires both of you to be fairly clear on what needs to be done and an estimate of how long it will take.

Because it costs money for a firm or sole proprietor to dispose of rubbish at a tip, if you require a man and van to transport something for you, they will also want to charge you disposal fees in addition to labor and travel time. For ease of use, some Man with a Van services, like Navs Removals, mix the labor and transport costs with the disposal fee, while others break it all down individually. Alarm bells should start to go off if someone is willing to dispose of rubbish without charging you extra!

  1. How can I get a Man with a Van service for less money?

Because the costs of Man with a Van service mostly depend on how long the job takes, you can save money by organizing everything in advance to ensure that loading is completed as quickly as possible. Additionally, volunteering to assist with the loading and unloading will save costs and save time.

It’s a good idea to break down some of your rubbish to attempt and get more into the van if you’re wanting to reduce the cost of waste collection. Additionally, avoid leaving products like mattresses outside in the rain since they will absorb the moisture, making your cargo heavier and costing you more money. Often, businesses will charge extra for internal pickups; if this is the case, aim to have all of your rubbish ready for removal outside your property.

  1. How can I keep from hiring a shady trader Man with a Van?

Inquire about your Man with a Van’s DBS (formerly known as CRB) check status and their public liability insurance coverage. The first is to check their criminal history, which may or may not is relevant if they are stealing your personal items, and the second is to make sure they are insured in case they accidentally damage your stuff. Additionally, they need to have a waste transportation license from the Environment Agency if they are disposing of waste items. By asking for their trash carrier license number and looking it up on the Environment Agency website for England & Wales or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, if you live in Scotland, you may determine whether or not they have the proper licensing.

What other options do you have besides hiring a Man with a Van?

Instead of using a guy and a van for A to B moves, you may employ an established removals firm. The British Association of Removers website has a list of reliable moving businesses. We would naturally suggest that you employ Navs Removals, the largest Man with a Van rubbish removal company in the UK, or that you hire a skip and fill it yourself. Both options are available through Navs Removals. You may also rent a van and perform the work yourself if you are really peppy. But first, make sure you eat a filling breakfast!